Guard your faith

  If your life requires no faith at all, then you should get really worried. You should check your position with God. Now the just shall live by faith… (Hebrews 10:38).  As Christians, we are constantly at war with an enemy who is constantly proving to us that our prayers are working, but instead of … Continue reading Guard your faith



Ever been told that your job was easy? Yup, many of us have. It’s not every day where you get people who actually appreciate what you do by acknowledging that it is not easy, but you are doing it as though it was. You often get those who tell you how easy your job is, … Continue reading DO IT THEN


 We discover,  name  and  own  things  which  we  were  given  the  intelligence  to  discover  and  name  by the only  one  who  can  explain the very  basis  of intelligence  itself. Truth is;  we  only  know  what he offers  our  intelligence.  Our  minds  can  only  go  a  limited  distance.  There  are  deeper  truths  and meanings  beyond  our … Continue reading Basics