We discover,  name  and  own  things  which  we  were  given  the  intelligence  to  discover  and  name  by the only  one  who  can  explain the very  basis  of intelligence  itself. Truth is;  we  only  know  what he offers  our  intelligence.  Our  minds  can  only  go  a  limited  distance.  There  are  deeper  truths  and meanings  beyond  our  intelligence  about  everything  and  anything  we  claim  to  know  under  the  sun.   
Genetics  was  discovered,  unfolded  and  shared  across  the  globe,  it  was  not  invented.  This  brings us to the question of  who really  knows the  basis  or  the process behind genetics.   
Who  truly  knows  the  process  behind  the  process  of  human  development  within  another?  Doctors? Yes,  they  were  given  the  intelligence  to  discover  and  see  what  really  goes  on  during  the reproduction process but  they  do  not  know why  or  how it happens that way.  
Agriculture  says  a  seed  rots  under  the earth,  and  thus  produces  a  crop  that thereafter  grows  to  bear fruit,  but nobody  knows the  process behind the process of a  rotting  seed.   
Science  has  claimed  too  many  things. Even  went  beyond  to  claim  the  creation  of  the  earth  itself; when  science  itself  is  a  name  given  to  a  discovery  afforded  a  human  mind  because  it  was  necessary for  men to understand their world.     The  earth  is  held  at  a  balance  by  what  man  calls  gravity  but  come  on,  how  are  we  really  held  at  a balance?  Just  as  you  can  never  explain  how  there  is  only  one  sun  and  one  moon  seen  across  the globe,  no one  really  knows how  we  are  held  at a  balance.   
No one  can  explain the basis  of anything.  Period! 
Only  God  knows.  Only  he  knows because  he  called  it  all  to  being.  If you  ever  had  any  doubt  about the existence  of  God,  look  at  science,  read all  the  records  of  all  the  discoveries. look  at  a  developing human  being within  another,  look  at  a  child  who couldn’t  walk  last  month  but  can today…look around  you  and  take  time to  think  about  all  that  you  see.  Listen to  your  beating  heart…That  is God! 
This is simply a reminder that God exist and… he is Big.