Homosexuality is legal in this world, and I could get persecuted for judging but here is my truth; homosexuality was never in God’s plan. He created a man and when he realized that he was alone, he created a woman for him, not another man; Genesis 2:22. All this things started in this world after Satan’s ruling, remember he governs the world but not you. However, there are people who have become his own and many are serving him unaware.

Look at how many good movies promote homosexuality, almost every program on television is saying, ‘it’s okay to be gay’. People succeed and become big stars from playing roles that promotes homosexuality and then, they thank God for their success, but who did they serve in the process of their success? Have you realized how attractive and exciting the wrong things are? Have you realized how quick the success of things that are against God is? That should show you how much the devil supports his own. You do something for him and he does something for you, sometimes he even sponsors you first, but where is the ending of all this?

Music was created by God to worship him, but look at what the world has done to it. Many are using it to either glorify the devil or themselves, and then when they receive worldly awards, they thank God in their speech. Tell you what; God does not need the credit you are giving him for things that has nothing to do with him, and here is a shocking fact; he is not your sponsor. As long as you are glorifying the one in this world, God has nothing to do with your success. The one you work for does, whether you know it or not, and it is his Job to make you big and to make you think God( the one who has given you that very gift) is on your side so you can continue serving him blindly.

While you work hard, giving your all to the work of the devil, God is waiting for the day when you will open your eyes and realize that you have not done anything for him with the gift he has given you. How sad it is that you are keeping him waiting while you please the enemy, but because he is a God of mercy, he has preserved your life, offering you a chance to repent and do what you were purposefully created for. Will you ever open your eyes or will you be forever consumed by worldly possessions to see?

It is easy to justify yourself and say, “what I do does not glorify the devil or anyone, so I am in good terms with God”, but be careful not to be building an empire to beautify the devil’s territory in the process.  Be careful to be doing nothing at all that glorifies God, and be careful not to be a part of the wrong things. remember a tree needs branches to be a tree; you may be a pastor in a story that condones homosexuality on other scenes, should one decide to cut down a tree, brunches go along, and in most cases; when they cut down trees, they chop down the brunches first. Do not be found supporting such worldly things that please not your creator but the devil.

Let your gift glorify God, let your words glorify him, let your actions glorify him…let us help God take back his own. Let us take the world to a point where everything says God is greater, because the truth is he is.



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