The people who really see us are the people in our world, not the people in the world, but we tend to rather suit up for the world that hardly sees us instead of suiting up for the people in our world who appreciate and take pride in us when we look good. Suiting up includes everything, shaving, cleaning up and all that makes an immaculate person.

Okay let’s get down to differentiating the world from your world. The world, is everyone, all the strangers you see minding their own business when you suit up and go out there, they are those people who don’t even care whether you look good or not, because they do not know you, they may see you and admire your attire from a distance or even get closer to tell you that you look good or ask where you bought the dress but that’s it, it ends there, they don’t care whether you borrowed the suit or had it made, they do not care about you.

And your world, these are your people, your partner, your family and a little bit of your friends and colleagues, these are the people who look at you and smile, and in their deepest thoughts they are more likely to go like ‘hmmm…glad that is mine’. These are the people you ought to dress up for if you have to dress up for anyone, because they are the people who really see you and appreciate you and want more of you in their lives instead of wishing for better.

But here’s a fact; people dress up for the world and neglect themselves in their world, they think well, these people know me; a guy would say well my girlfriend or my wife already accepted me, I do not have to impress her anymore. Tell you what, you are very wrong, the less you value how they feel or think of you is the more you allow them to admire the outside world, because they still want that man who came to them dressed up for the world in the first place. As a wife, your husband married you but he still wants to see you as that woman he fell in love with that day. If there’s a time you need to go see your designer, it is when you are planning his surprise party in your house with only family and friends, and if there’s a time you need to be all sexy, that should be as you wait for him to come home from work. Okay let me not go deep into that world but I am sure you get my point. I mean why do you have to be sexy only when you are going out there and wear baggy track pants when you are with your man? If you are doing this, change it today.

These small efforts will keep the people in your world right where they belong. Do not neglect them and their feelings, listen to their opinions as far as your appearance is concerned; suit up better for them than the world.


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