I’d like to sit down with people in power, people in position to determine who to employ and who not to, I’d like to find out where they started, and how they started, I’d to know who taught them to do the work they do, I’d to know who gave them the experience, I’d like to confirm if they had experience of the work they do before they were hired for the first time, and I’d like to know how a graduate is supposed to gain experience when they are not willing to hire them for lack of experience.

The introduction of internships had been a little but a blessing to a few who were lucky to be appointed in those positions, but yet that was also before experience was required to get an internship position. I thought internships were meant to offer experience to help people get jobs in those positions where experience is too crucial, but not anymore; someone I know was recently turned down after an interview for an internship program for lack of experience. Where is he supposed to get the experience? Not every college or university offers in-service training, even so, where is one supposed to get two years or more experience if not hired by anyone?

I have grown to believe that everyone has something to offer, experience or not; but only when given a chance. Graduates are hardly given a chance to learn, jobs are offered to people who already have jobs, since they are the ones who have experience. It is more like jobs are being circulated amongst the working class when it should be provided to people who are not working. A vacant position left by one who got a better offer and backed by the experience they gained from the vacancy is replaced by one who’d also left a vacancy somewhere which also is to be filled by one who’d been working somewhere else…and it goes on like that. How about us? How about those who had never worked before, how about those who had never left a vacancy, where are we supposed to work?

I’d like to know from human resources personnel or whoever is in position to hire, tell me where you gained experience before you were hired for the first time. If you had the experience please help me understand how, if not please tell me how you got the job. Were you lucky? What is it that you had that you do not see in our graduates? I am not only speaking for the many graduates who are unemployed, I also have been a victim until I decided to study something else which would not require me to wait for anyone to hire me (not everyone has the capacity to do this), and it’s discouraging to buy a city press to find vacancies of your field requiring two years or more experience that you do not have every Sunday. You apply anyway and nobody gets back to you because you could not possibly lie about having experience. Is that what you did? Did you fake experience to get the job? I need some light, I have an HR diploma which has become useless after many years of applying for internships and jobs that yielded no fruits. I have never used it because no one has ever given me a chance to practice what I have been taught.

Something has to be done about this, people in power ought to consider graduates, if you look at it, fresh minds are less demanding and hardworking, easy to train and innovative, but the cooperate world has become so stereotyped that nobody recognize this. Internships should not require experience and every company should offer internships. People without experience should be given a chance to learn, they should be given a chance to prove themselves. You cannot assume that it will be a waste of time and money unless you try, you will be surprised at what a graduate who knows nothing of the cooperate world can benefit your company. People without experience are more open to learn than people with five years’ experience. Everyone has something to offer, but only when given a chance.



  1. I have been in that road till I had to settle for less in order to live, what is a use or being a graduate while they know they won’t give you a job after that is so sad to see people selling chips on the streets while they have degrees and diploma but no experience, it’s so painful and it hurts

  2. If you know that you are good with comforting people why go study finance, graduate and send CV’s hoping that someone will hire you. Why not psychology, graduate then open your own practice? We need leaders who can stand in the gap, teach high school kids about finding themselves so they can choose right courses that will lead them to being their own boss instead of going for those well known courses that everyone does and leave people unemployed. People study hard, graduate and stay @home, some end up moving from one course to another with the hope of bettering their lives but to no vail.The law of one being expected to have experience is killing us, it is killing the need for education. We need change, it can only start with those who can spot the problem….. (“My people perish because of lack of knowledge , Hosea 4:6”), Know yourself, find your purpose and bring the change! #Realitycheck

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