Step into the shoes of an unknown stranger

A stranger who had suffered enough abuse than reported

Touch their wounds

Experience the pain they bare from within

The pain of loving a total stranger

One who proved how cruel the world could get

A total stranger who became a part of their lives

Only but to destroy their view of this beautiful thing called love

See where it all began

When one slap seemed not to be enough because there was no blood to prove pain

Feel the hatred towards the walls of the apartment they lived in

For she was constantly pined on them and they could not swallow her when she wished they could to save her.

Hear the screams that took her voice to cry no more for help.

Count the amount of sorry-s that lost meaning when the same thing was repeated again and again with the word following the next morning.

Feel the heaviness of her heart

Carrying bitterness and self-pity for loving a total stranger

A stranger who proved the world to be a cruel place.

See the rage in her eyes that hold on to her heart as a grudge that will cease only with time.

Count the times she had gone suicidal but did not succeed.

See how much she’d wished the world could swallow her to save her from her troubles.

Reflect on the day she lied half dead in a hospital bed for loving a total stranger who proved the world to be a cruel place.

Do not be that man

Communicate your point without taking a punch

Do not be that woman who tolerate abuse

Fight it without taking a punch




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