I am certain you have heard people say, ‘we are all children of God’, in whatever situation you may have heard that but I do not believe that, simply because not everyone is a child of God, the truth is we all are born into sin, born as people of God because he is the creator, but we are never born children of God, which is why Jesus had come so we may be saved, so that we may have the right to become children of God. That is the reason there’s what we call “getting born again” and the how is in Romans 10:9. If you have not been born again, take it from me, you are only one of the people of God, not a child of God. You do not have the rights that the children of God have, you do not have the authority that the children of God have, and you are still lost in the very sin that you were born into.

I have heard people of God compare themselves with children of God, especially based on material things. “I am not born again, I do not go to church but I have what you do not have, I have a car and you don’t” if you have read my previous article ‘God’s script’, perhaps it will help you understand that children of God seek first the kingdom of God and the rest shall follow, and with no doubt those things do follow (Mathew 6:33). A child of God may take time to get to where you (people Of God) are but their script is longer than yours- oh now you are going to tell me about a born again Christian who had died before you?-they live on in heaven, their script was mostly based there, but should you die today, will you live on or burn on? Think about it.

If I were to paint a picture to portray the situation between people of God and children of God, it would look something like this;

Two teams, divided by a thin line, pulling each other with a strong rope, each team trying to win the other, and every day, people being lost from one team and gained at the other. one team being represented by the people of God (still lost in the world) with their team leader being Satan-team Satan… and the other would have to be the team I play for, Team Jesus, a team of Children of God (born again Christians), who are working hard to win the other team as they also suffer a pull from the opposition party (temptations). From both parties we have some people who stay behind the line, some who fall over permanently, and some who find themselves stuck in-between, one leg on the other side and the other at home, and we also have those who change teams whenever they please. It’s a struggle for both teams but there is one that offers life and one that presents you with fun, and attractive things that only give you a fast ride to your death, a death that offers no rest but eternal torment. Mathew 16:26.

We have got to get to a point where we understand with no doubt that hell is as real as heaven, and it is either you go to hell or heaven, life on earth can be really nice, but it is also the shortest we are given, because anything can happen and that’s it, you are gone. look at the statistics of people who die every day in car accidents, remember the person you were with the night before, healthy and well but died in an accident, or got shot, or anything that had nothing to do with natural death, can you really afford to waste the little time you have on things that only benefits the flesh and neglect your soul? Can you afford to remain in sin? Can you afford to miss the opportunity to be saved for an eternal glory? What if you were to die tomorrow? Obviously everything you have will remain, you are not going to die with them, where are you going to land… will you live on in heaven or burn on in hell?

Make a choice today, allow yourself to be pulled out of the people of God to become a child of God, if you have already accepted Jesus as your Lord and savior, make up your mind to remain where you are and make sure you are rooted in the word. We all have a choice, just as the bible shows us in Deuteronomy 30:19 about life and death, where God even advises us to choose life because he loved us like that. You have a choice, because the bottom line is, we all belong to a team, but the question is; which team do you play for?




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