Father, friend, faithful,

He is in all his forms

A father to the fatherless

A friend to those who befriend him

And faithful in all his commitments

Never once has he failed to deliver

And all on time


Love, lover, loved

Unconditionally he loved the world with all its imperfections

Gave his to save me and mine

He is all together love in his nature

Love that knows no bounds

Love that fades not with time

Love which is eternal

And unconditionally distributed to those who accept it

I love him


Careful, caring, composed

Behind the scenes he works miracles

Carefully composed and noiseless

But let the world see and hear of my victory when he is done

He cares


Strong, safe, sufficient

I trust him to safe guard my steps

In his strong hands I feel safe

And all I need in him I find

For he is a sufficient God

Father, spirit, son

Three in one, appears in all forms but he remains one God!





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