I have heard of a designer who stopped designing because of an unhappy client, because he’d failed to please one client, he condemned himself, saw no future ahead and quit. He judged himself based on the words of a client who possibly was just fussy and undecided. Who knows where he would be in design should he had not given up because of one person. It is not wise to give up because of failure, failure and criticism should be your source of strength.

I remember when I submitted a raw manuscript to a certain publisher, I call it raw now because of what I have learnt from the review and from reading it now, but believe me, I was convinced that it was the best at the time I sent it. I received a brutal review that drew tears to my eyes but I read it over and over again, taking the lessons that came with it and replied to the review, telling the reviewer how grateful I was for the lessons and how I was not going to make the same mistakes the next time, and I thanked him for the opportunity to learn and what he told me was that, with my attitude, I would go far. I’d taken criticism as a lesson and it gave me strength and more courage to want to write more, by then, I was just writing because I loved writing, but after the review I made up my mind, Instead of accepting that I could not write just as the reviewer had said, I enrolled for BA In literature to learn more and now I am still writing and working towards publishing a good story one day.

As a designer I also have been through a situation which would have made one quit but I am not a quitter and I have made up my mind that, I am only going to learn from failure, I have made up my mind that I would never let any wrong determine where I end. It happened that I designed garments for certain people and the garments did not come out as expected and for that, they rejected my garments and went to another designer. It hit me hard because I asked for a chance to fix my mistakes but was not afforded one, but I told myself that okay, I have failed but that does not mean I am a failure, it does not mean I will fail every project, so I made up my mind to forget about it and carry on being a designer. A week or two later, I got new orders in which I more like aced the designs and all my clients were happy and I was happy. I realized that, should I have quit, I would only have destroyed my career and I wouldn’t have been these people’s hero.

You may have been someone else’s disaster but you will be someone else’s hero, only if you hold on. Do not let one wrong determine who you become, take failure and criticism as lessons and far and high you will soar.



  1. We are all authors, we write the stories of our lives in our minds before we live em. Should there be something we are not happy about, we have the powers to change the script.
    The things that make us wanna judge ourselves were written by us in our minds, they can be changed/corrected by us since we are the authors. Instead of judging, let us write a different story and live it happily.

    We write our life stories by ourselves

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