I often hear people say, ‘do not play with the name of Jesus’, whenever one uses it for simple things, and I’ve realized that people think the name of Jesus only works for certain things and not all things. I used to think the same way, I thought you only used the name of Jesus when praying, but all of that changed the day I was taught by the Holy Spirit himself that the name of Jesus was versatile and could be used at any situation.

I am going to tell you a story that changed the way I viewed the name of Jesus entirely, a story that changed my life as far the name of Jesus is concerned.

2010 summer, Sheila (more of a sister to me) and I were walking to church and for some reason she, Sheila decided that we used a different route we’d never used before-Mandela drive of Pretoria. The road was well-known for mugging, but we used it anyway and for some reason I was not moved by what I’ve heard about the road before, I was freely walking and talking all the way. I was going on and on about I do not remember what as we were approaching two guys who were approaching us. Sheila having studied criminology (I thought that was the reason, really) had already studied the two guys and concluded that they were thugs and were going to mug us, but my virtuous new soul in Pretoria never even thought for a moment that, that would happen, I went on talking and the next thing, the two guys blocked my way and surrounded me, at first I’d thought they had surrounded us but when I looked by my side, Sheila was long gone, she’d left me there with them, she was standing far from us on the road from the pavement. I’d be lying if I said I saw her take off. The next thing I know, one guy was behind me and the other before me with a screw driver to my stomach, and my phone in my front pocket. The guy with a screw driver to my stomach said hey bitch bring the phone in Setswana and out of nowhere, when one could have expected me to tremble and give up my phone, instead of fear, upon me came a great wave of bravery, I became so brave and I could feel my temperature rising for anger. I looked at him, mind you, i was a little taller than him, I looked down at him and said “in the name of Jesus, you will not do anything”. At that, he tried to reach his hand to my pocket but I held on to it, he demanded for my phone once again emphasizing the weapon on my stomach but I said it again “in the name of Jesus you will not do anything” and I felt the guy behind me moving away, when I said it the third time, they both took off, they ran saying “in the name of Jesus you won’t do anything” I looked at them and exclaimed “you are fools”.

The name of Jesus had saved me… from thugs. From that day, I knew that the name of Jesus was not limited to certain things, I knew I could use the name of Jesus anywhere and it would work for me. The name of Jesus will not only save you from being choked at midnight but anywhere, everywhere and at any time.

John 14:14 says “if ye ask anything in the name, I will do it”. notice the scripture does not say if you ask for certain things in the name, I will do it, rather it says “anything” anything is anything, there is no limit there, anything can be asking him to make your car start-should you tell a believer who is having car trouble to command the car to move in the name of Jesus, they would probably laugh at you, or not believe that it can work but the truth is it can work, only if you believe it. Christianity is all about believing, no, life is about believing.

I once heard a story of a Christian doctor who wanted  to see what really heals people, he wanted to see if it is the medicine that has the most power or just the mind, so what he did was; a patient came to him and explained all the symptoms she had and he told her that he was going to give her something that would take the sickness away in no time. He went to wherever he mixed the medicine from and came back with water contained in a medicinal container and gave a name to it. The woman took the water and the next day reported how the doctor had helped her. From that, the doctor learned that her wellness did not have anything to do with medicine but her mind. She had believed the doctor, she’d believed in the medicine that he’d given her and that was what made her fine.

You need only to believe in the name of Jesus, you need only to believe that whenever you use the name of Jesus, something will happen, because the truth is; something is bound to happen because the name of Jesus carries all the authority in all the earth, under the earth and above.


3 thoughts on “THE NAME OF JESUS

  1. There is power to create anything, possibility of getting anything, ability of being anywhere, in THE NAME OF JESUS. All we need to do is believe!

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