You were born into it
Written before there was any sign of you
With the perfect cast carefully chosen by him
You being the protagonist
Your antagonist begged to be squeezed in
He let him in, for he knew you were a strong character as far as he’d created you
All you needed to do was follow his direction
And the enemy wouldn’t dare touch you
But somehow there was an unexpected twist
A twist that gave the enemy a chance
A chance to present a different script he’d written
A script with all the sweet tastes of the world
Something you had not seen on the previous script
It was too long you had not read a quarter
But his was short and exciting, it seemed to be the best at the moment
You dropped the show to start a new one
All went well, you were on fire
You loved living, somehow you overlooked the fact that it was short and would end soon
The climax was reached too soon and you felt like you were walking on water
And then somehow you contaminated things of the world
Your health began to weaver
You looked around for a twist on the script
But it had its twists exhausted
All alone you were
Suffering pains unbearable to your soul
From a faint view you began to see the rest of the script
It was ending and so were you
You remembered the one you neglected before
And wish you could ask for another chance
But shame closed you in
Worse your condition grew as hope faded
You hid behind closed doors for the fear of what people would say
Until you got a hold of a manual
A manual that looked familiar
A manual you remember attached to your script
A manual which contained directions to follow your script independently
In it you came across Romans 8 and realized you had been a fool
In Deuteronomy 31:6 you discovered he had not left nor forsaken you
In Matthew 11:28 you discovered that you’d been carrying a heavy load when he’s offered to give you rest
In 1 John 1:9 you discovered a solution to all that was wrong
You broke down and asked for forgiveness
…And he smiled at you and gave back the script
Start right where you’ve left off, he said
With trembling hands you accepted and thanked him for his mercies
Carefully and guarded you found the page where you stopped
And realized how far in life you would be should you have followed upon the script
Should you have never been tempted by the temptations of the world
The temptations of the antagonist in your script
You would be far gone and enjoying life the best way with no limitations
Until he comes


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