Fighting Temptations

Fighting Temptations
It’s a battle of the fittest between spirit and flesh
A contradiction between right and wrong
A battle-axe between the mind and the voice of God
A confusion of lust for life
A battle to stand at a great earthquake
A push and pull within oneself
A tough judgment to decide your fate on crossroads
The edge to scream the trouble away forms a tantrum within
Flashbacks of past failure flood back
Visions of what could be flashes in shades of dreams that seem far-fetched
Rage builds up, broken mirrors and glasses will need replacement tomorrow
Faith fades into thin air
A fight to keep your head above doubt and fear
A Fight to keep your beliefs
Crying seems to be the right thing to do, swollen eyes you’ll have to nurse tomorrow
Opposition from all the right places
Acceptance from all the wrong places
Comparing with your feelings makes it right
Consultation with the Spirit reveals the future
Enduring the now pain for eternal progression seems insane
Enjoying the easily attained now with an unforeseen ending seems sane
A pull to different directions
A push into one option, a pull towards the other
Hung up on top of a fence, the next jump to whichever side makes you
Temptations, temptations, temp…tations
Beauty, pain, wealth, patience, lust, eternity…your head is about to explode


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