The things of the world are tasty, they are attractive and interesting in all their ways; you see them and want them. You look at other people’s lives and see yourself in them, you go all out, use all the resources available for you to be like them, you pray dangerous prayers asking God, and declaring you have the unseen. You work hard, go through sleepless nights to be like the people you idolize. You dream, day-dream and mull over all that you want to become. Years go by and you are still trying to reach that mark, you celebrate your birthdays and realize you are growing old yet, you have not even one thing you had been dreaming about; you then realize that you are not even close to being anything that matters. You wonder why, and thereby cease to pray dangerous prayers and begin to cry dangerous tears asking God why, you begin to question faith because as far as you had been taught, you’d been using your faith the right way, but the question is; have you considered if you’d been using your faith for the right things at all?

God said in Jeremiah 1:5 “I chose you before I gave you life”, and he said in Jeremiah 29:11 “I alone know the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for, and also he’d said in Isiah 43:21 “they are the people I created for myself and they will sing my praises.

The first scripture (Jeremiah 1:5) lets you know that, you were not born by default, and he had a purpose for your life before he formed you, but what you’ve done is look at someone else’s purpose and try to make it yours instead of looking in the mirror and desiring to be you with your own purpose, instead of praying a dangerous prayer asking God to reveal his purpose for your life, you ventured into living someone else’s life. Who is living your own?

The second scripture (Jeremiah 29:11) lets you know that, he had put to place plans to prosper you, plans which are sure to give you a future you hope for, plans to help you fulfill what he had purposed with your life before he formed you, plans to be all you could ever dream to be and more, within your God-given purpose. But for the lack of this knowledge and for trying to be what you were never meant to be, and for looking not in the mirror, but at someone else’s life and making wrong plans which had nothing to do with you, you have tasted the bitterness of failure and the damnation of the world, which thereby led you to doubt your God, and robbed you of your self-worth, when God already had plans for you to be you and yet possessing all that you could ever hope for. Allow me to say, ‘you have brought it to yourself’. What happened to your plans?

The last scripture (Isiah 43:21) tells you that he’d made you for himself, notice, he did not say, “I made you by myself, but for myself”, meaning, he’d formed you to fulfill something for him, and he’d made the plans for you to fulfill that thing. The combination of these distinct scriptures should let you know that your life is not really your own, you are not to make decisions by yourself, you are not to desire being something you were not made to be. One fact out of many about God is that he does not do things himself or rather by himself, he always does whatever he wants done through someone (a human being he had made for himself). A good example can be found in the book of Moses when God sent Moses to rescue the children of Israel from the hand of pharaoh, God could have freed his children himself with no man involved if he’d wanted to but he did not, he used Moses, why? In most of the stories if not all in the bible, whenever there was a need, God would always appoint someone to do whatever needed to be done.

Even in this day, no one has ever seen God but yet we experience his power through the men (people) he had appointed. We hear from him through men he had appointed whether in writing, singing, preaching or however, but the fact is God still uses people to do or say what he wants to say. See why he’d created you? There must be something you are meant to be doing for him, he must need you to fulfill something for him for you to still be here today. Do you honestly think you would still be struggling or not struggling but not fulfilled with whatever you are doing for a living as we call it, no matter how much you earn if you were executing the plans he’d put you here for?
You may be in a place where you have everything, you idolized someone or created your own dream, but is whatever you are doing beneficial to the purpose of the one who’d created you for himself?Will you be able to stand before him at the end and say ‘Lord I have done what you formed me to do, I have fulfilled your purpose’, will he be pleased that you did what he meant for you to do?

The things of the world are tasty-we all want them but, what’s more important? The temporary pleasure of the flesh or fulfilling your God-given purpose for eternal pleasure? Do you honestly think you can be doing God’s work and still be poor? I do not think so because of Jeremiah 29:11. You may have gone far down the wrong road, but it is never too late to make a U-turn, start over, ask God what he wants you to fulfill and go for it, I promise it will work out so well you will wish you had started earlier because the plan is already in place, surely even all the resources you will require will be on your doorstep. If you don’t know how to receive answers from God, Look within, find that one thing you can do best, weigh it and see if it glorifies God at the execution of it and start.


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