Blank page

While I wait…on the Lord
To guide me through his word
With a pen of a ready writer
And a blank page
I pray that I hear his voice when he speaks
I pray not to miss one word from him
For one word may be all I need
To unlock a gate that leads to open doors

While I wait on the lord
For guidance through the path he’d called me for
I patiently prepare myself
Overlooking my present circumstances
To follow his guide
That leads to the Promised Land
A land bigger than I can imagine
Bigger than all I could ever think of, to change my present shortcomings

While I wait to hear from him
With a blank page and a pen of a ready writer
I dare to believe that his purpose is greater than mine
His plans are better than mine
I pray
I pray that I stay connected to him like a branch to a tree
For in him there is life even when death covers the earth
For in him I will find peace, even when his time ticks slow on my watch

I dare to believe that his word can never go back to him void
To believe that one day
In his perfect time
My blank page will be filled
With instructions to discover a better me


4 thoughts on “Blank page

  1. July

    I am hearing One instruction over and over this month
    Different speakers from different places delivering the same instruction
    As I start the last half of the year 2015 I choose to follow God’s instruction
    The instruction brought to help discover a Better me

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