Big ups to the party that started corruption, they have successfully corrupted the entire human species, they have successfully condemned the world that each generation knows no escape. I will only speak for my generation but allow me to push the blame to the past generations. The self-centeredness of men has and is crippling our generation and all its systems, horribly weighing us down from living our dreams and gradually stopping us from dreaming. If this was beneficial; a legendary party we would applaud.

Corruption in our nation is the main reason we have endless complains and a high percentage of unemployment. South Africa to be precise has a high rate of youth unemployment which the government addresses at every state of the nation by words but never in action.The government failed over and over again to diminish youth unemployment because people within the government had been possessed by corruption themselves. We live in a world where you have to pay to get anything, even a job, if you are not paying cash then you have got to find something else to redeem before they can hire you.

Qualifications don’t have much value when you are not connected, a college certificate of the directors’ niece comes highly recommended over a stranger’s four year degree with nine distinctions. That is the kind of world we live in. you walk into their office, looking for employment and all they see is a woman who is looking for sex-those are men in power. I remember after attaining my human resources diploma, of which I came first in my class with nine distinctions and the best student award, I was looking for employment in the HR department but open to my options. A friend of mine gave me contacts of a big guy in the stock-exchange market to try and see if I could get something there; I called and was invited for an interview but little did I know that I was only invited because I sounded,I quote “sexy” on the phone.

The interview was a group interview and I thought I had done well when I was asked to wait after, but only to find that he did not have a job for me, but himself. I was angry that a man could cheapen me in that manner just because he thought all I wanted was money he could give out whenever. I wanted a job not a man to pay my bills. That is just the thing, people in power think they have all the rights to treat us in any way they like because they think we are desperate. I am certain that I was not the only lady he had done that to and, there comes a time when you are really in need and you find yourself yielding to their corruption just to pay the bills, but how is that making our country better, how are you reducing the rate of unemployment as a business person?

Many times I have heard people, ladies to be precise talk about how they resigned or turned down job offers they desperately needed because the manager was hinting on them. It’s like they feel we are due to do whatever they say because they are giving us jobs. How does that make you a human of humanity, is it because you had to screw someone to get there? Is it revenge that is making you spread the corruption in the corporate world? Who is to make a difference? Where are we supposed to make it? How are we supposed to work to our level best when you are the source of discomfort? And how is a good girl supposed to grow when the brave ones are taking over because they did what the boss asked? How will this world look when everyone is then consumed by corruption just to make it?

I mean even the high people who are supposed to protect us from this corruption are themselves deep in it, committing it openly that all there is to talk about in the parliament is no longer about South Africa but quarrels between themselves about the very corruption that is spreading rapidly more than the deadly diseases that come and go. Corruption is the most deadly disease that is ignored and it is not killing individuals but the nation.


4 thoughts on “CORRUPTION

  1. This is totally disheartening to say the least. We have a insurmountable monster to confront. You article really touches on a whole lot of issues varying from immorality, patriarchal social issues to corruption. The following questions require are attention. Is the issue of sex-for-job a societal, generational or systemic problem? Is this tantamount to corruption? Or on the contrary is it just a sign of how low humanity has sunk? Is it because we have the wrong people in the driving seats? Clearly if someone calls themselves a business owner and they thrive on such tendencies, then I wonder what kind of society are we to allow such mediocrity to be elevated. Are our sisters overtly and covertly programmed into believing that their very embodiment is so primitive that the only way to make is through opening one’s leg? Should we blame the ‘hunter’ [or should I call them poachers, since they’re illegal] or equip the hunted? In a society where our girl child seem to be getting on the attention, I would think that we have come to a level where a good number are like you my beautiful sister. Kudos to you my beautiful sister for putting that nonsense where he belongs! I’m proud of you!

  2. Power is the problem! it’s never about the wrong person on the driver’s seat, it’s about how people have grown to understand authority, it’s about our way of thinking when we are in power. Power changes a good man into a monster.

    sex-for-job is thereby more of a systematic problem generated by Power. what we need is a different perception of authority/power, a man in power needs to understand that he may be the boss, everyone may answer to him, but that does not give him the right to mistreat or own them in that way.

  3. If the challenge is systematic, why then does your tone sound gender inclined. Is it only men who don’t seem to understand how to handle authority power? Are we sure that the fairer sex aren’t or won’t abuse power as well? Just some thinking.

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