Too little time

Like a wave you swept me off my feet and left
You carried and tossed me to a dry land in a flash
For a little while it was fun
But the fall left me broken and soaking wet.
I waited like a watchman hoping I could get another chance
To land without breaking any part of me
But you never came around again.

Too little time I had you,
Reveled the moment and Ignored the thought that you may leave
I floated on the idea of having you
Delayed to sink into your world to hold on tight.
You left too soon I barely knew you
But the little time you held me
Measured how much I could have loved you

Too little time you came and left
Too little time you gave me
Why is it that you left too soon?
Wasn’t I deserving of your love?
The little memories I’ve collected does not make a sonnet
They only make me wish I was her
The one you left me for
The one you love
The one you make time for
I could have loved you better I know
For I did even within that too little time.


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