You know why you are always back to being single after every three months of a relationship I am not about to describe? You never let yourself enjoy the freedom of being single, you never let yourself enjoy the freedom of doing whatever you like whenever you do, you never let yourself become comfortable in that single zone, you are always looking for something or someone when you should be waiting and enjoying the joy of being yourself and with yourself.

Biblically, a woman is expected to wait for that one guy to find her, that one guy who is meant for her. “The one”. I know , I know you are probably laughing out loud or shaking your head because the world has programmed you to think that there is no such thing as the one, I also believed that at some point, but that was before I discovered that my days were pre-ordered way before I came into being, before I discovered that God has positioned everyone that I will meet on my path, before I discovered that he knew the end of me way before I was born, so that let me know that he also knows the man I am going to marry, that particular man has got to be “the one”. So there must be such a thing as the one after all.

and the word is always right, women ought to wait, but what single people fail to do is get comfortable in the waiting and thus find themselves desperate, imagining how it would be like to be in a relationship with every guy they see on the road, in church, at work or wherever.We feed our minds with too much unnecessary curiosity that only builds loneliness in us that eventually throw us into the arms of the first guy that comes our way, and deceive us to mistaken desperation for love.Then three months later, we are back on the same spot.Lonely again. Desperate again. Looking again.

So how do I get comfortable in the wait you ask…I am no waiting love doctor or anything but experience has been the best teacher, I commend. Firstly, avoid listening to too much of love songs because all they do is make you long for love, listen to more of gospel music and I guarantee you will feel loved and need no man to satisfy the need to be loved. Build your relationship with God, fellowship more with the Holy Spirit and you will be guaranteed a discerning spirit that will help you recognize your man when he finally comes your way.

Do not avoid relationship talks just because you are single and waiting, listen and learn the dos and don’ts so you may know how to be in your own relationship. Do put on a great look and go out with your friends but please lose the mind of going out there because you think maybe he might be there. You will be brutally disappointed when the night goes by and no man has passed a compliment your way. In other words, allow yourself to forget that you are single sometimes.Do not test the waters with every guy your eyes are attracted to, you will end up with a broken heart and you don’t want that.

Never allow yourself to consider the what ifs that your mind and friends feed you….”what if he never comes, what if I miss my chance, what if he comes and I do not know him-if you are in the right position with the Holy spirit then there is no way that you will not know him, at least there is no way you will not see the wrong one when he comes, and you can never miss your chance simply because God is organized.

Simply enjoy being single, get comfortable in it and avoid falling into the arms of the first temptation that comes your way. Cheers to the single and comfortable.


Single people should understand the principle of love before jumping into a whole lot of things. What I mean by this is: we need to know and understand our role in the process of being found. The bible says ‘’he who finds a wife finds a good thing’’ so ladies, there is no such thing as ‘’looking’’ for the right guy, we don’t look, because he who looks finds and we are not meant to be in a business of ‘’finding’’ rather ‘’to be found’’. So let’s stop fantasizing about every guy we bump into and leave that business to men. Where we often go wrong is where we have this non-ending list of what kind of men we looking for without first checking ourselves against the very list as to whether indeed such a man (ideal man) does exist, and if we would match the kind of lady he’s looking for.
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Too little time

Like a wave you swept me off my feet and left
You carried and tossed me to a dry land in a flash
For a little while it was fun
But the fall left me broken and soaking wet.
I waited like a watchman hoping I could get another chance
To land without breaking any part of me
But you never came around again.

Too little time I had you,
Reveled the moment and Ignored the thought that you may leave
I floated on the idea of having you
Delayed to sink into your world to hold on tight.
You left too soon I barely knew you
But the little time you held me
Measured how much I could have loved you

Too little time you came and left
Too little time you gave me
Why is it that you left too soon?
Wasn’t I deserving of your love?
The little memories I’ve collected does not make a sonnet
They only make me wish I was her
The one you left me for
The one you love
The one you make time for
I could have loved you better I know
For I did even within that too little time.