It has not reached your heart if it still almost automatically comes out as “love you” instead of “I love you”.

Love you…I love you- same thing?


But one thing is certain, they carry a much different weight. If we were to place them both on a scale, “I love you” would outweigh “love you” that you use so much these days by far. There is just something about the “I” before “love you”, it gives the whole concept a much deeper meaning, a much personal touch that lets the next person know how you really feel. It helps you pour out your heart without really trying.

“Love you” just doesn’t express it, it leaves no trail, no echo, nothing; it’s simply empty with no weight. It makes the next person wonder if you love them at all. It brings out the impression that you are only saying it because you think you have to. There is just no short cut in love, no shortening…one missed word takes out a lot!

Next time you want to express your feelings…try to remember all the words and make them count…try to remember why they were there in the first place.


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