Last night I painted a portrait of you

Still as a wall, staring at me

I once was lost in your gaze

But remembered it was all for your portrait

Bald tall figure, seated before me

It seemed like a date night

All in my head

You gradually smiled, a boyish smile I loved

I prayed it was I than your thoughts that conveyed it

I smiled back, and it came out that way

Six, not four pack fitted on the board

Oh you had a shirt on, pardon my imagination

Outside noises, almost had one on your lap

Crying babies, excuse me I painted a ring

A few faults here and there

But I swear I didn’t miss a spot

I know it looks everything like you

Just as I see you in my sleep

I only met you once

But last night I painted a portrait of you



  1. “I only met you once…” Oh! The experience sounds very familiar. Your writings tell a lot about you. lol. Someone wants said “Write about what interests you—and interests you deeply—and your readers will catch fire at your words.” If this is true, then I can safely say, I now know what interests my little sister. Great stuff.

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