You care too much

It is too much for me to bear

How do you bear the pain I always cause you

I cause you so much pain out of my awful carelessness

But you careless what I do to you

I do all that I do but you stick around

You stick onto my world like glue on a shoe sole

Your soul you dedicated into loving me

Risking your precious heart for a heart that knows no bonds

An unbreakable bond you have with a stranger

A stranger who’s thoughts drift to someone else whenever you show up

“I wish you were him”

You pray to have me forever, while I pray to go to the ends of the earth with him

Him who knows me not

I kneel to pray that you…who know me like the back of your hand

Who loves me unconditionally, who sticks around even when I’m not in the mood

Who never see my mistakes

Who notice only the best of me, who see all my imperfections as the most perfect

I kneel down to pray that you find a girl who deserves you

…One that you deserve



Last night I painted a portrait of you

Still as a wall, staring at me

I once was lost in your gaze

But remembered it was all for your portrait

Bald tall figure, seated before me

It seemed like a date night

All in my head

You gradually smiled, a boyish smile I loved

I prayed it was I than your thoughts that conveyed it

I smiled back, and it came out that way

Six, not four pack fitted on the board

Oh you had a shirt on, pardon my imagination

Outside noises, almost had one on your lap

Crying babies, excuse me I painted a ring

A few faults here and there

But I swear I didn’t miss a spot

I know it looks everything like you

Just as I see you in my sleep

I only met you once

But last night I painted a portrait of you