You were not born an aficionado as they were not born stars. Invisible you are within the crowd, your palms collecting blood from clapping all the way from behind the line. Loud applause and cheerful choruses you help to form when those who have taken advantage of karma reap the fruits of their invincible wisdom. Lately, you became a distant spectator, an inspector of right and wrong to what you have never had the mind to initiate.

The sun set every night for you to dream and it rises everyday with providence for you to cross the boarders; for you to live your dreams. But did you dream when you were given a chance to? Empty are your dreams but perhaps you could take on today to visit your imagination and hope to live there tomorrow. But too bad, your imagination is a vacuum as far as success is concerned. Your friends are nothing that you are not, you stand in owe of rising stars every day but it serves no trigger to wake your own mind.

They were not born stars, they were once young and clueless about life, but they took a hold of it as soon as they discovered there were opportunities in it. As soon as they discovered that one could be something in life than a mere existing being. They chased after it; they broke up the earth to discover how to become visible people of value. They took advantage of the night as much as they did day and now you stand to clap for them. You treat them like your superiors, and you treat them like you were born to be their aficionado.

You were not born an aficionado. Yes celebrating other people’s victories is part of life. But why has it become the only thing you know? Look within and discover you. Create room for them to clap for you, create a big enough room for all to come to your rising. Become them and let them become you for once. Aficionado let them clap for you.


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